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Peter Worrall
Consultant Lawyers

Peter Worrall established his first legal firm in early 1983.

Peter Worrall – Consultant Lawyers is a law firm delivering high service levels to clients in the areas of Trusts and Estates, Succession Law, Estate Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, and Estate Disputes.

How we can help you

Many of Peter’s clients have been with him a long time because of his values – Candor, Directness, Knowledgeable about the Law, Practical and Solutions Driven.

We understand clients will want someone who listens and has an empathy for them and their circumstances. Peter’s great depth of experience and knowledge of the Law means that he is able to ask clients the right questions that lead to the best solutions.

We also understand you will want plain answers about whether or not you can lawfully achieve the result that you want.


About Peter Worrall

Known for the incisiveness and practicality of his estate planning advice and his ability to structure client’s affairs to achieve what they want, Peter brings extensive experience over a long time when resolving estate planning problems for clients.

Awarded his law degree from Melbourne University in 1976, Peter Worrall is focussed on providing a solution driven practice. With an Australia wide reputation in Estate Planning, he is the author of the Estate Planning chapter in the Australian Succession Law Loose Leaf Service published by Thomson Reuters.

Peter has written over 600, 000 words in various publications, seminar papers and articles, and is regularly consulted by a range of other lawyers, accountants, financial planners and their clients in difficult, complex and high net worth Estate Planning. 

He is the only lawyer in Tasmania to have received a Best Lawyers Award in Trusts and Estates.