Areas of Practice

Our work with you may involve:

– Administration of Estates

– Advising Administrators and Executors of Estates

– Advising Beneficiaries

– Advising about Bequests and Gifts

– Implementing effective Philanthropy Programs

–  Completing Codicils to amend Wills

–  Completing Wills

– Undertaking Estate Planning

– Acting for or against Executors

– Obtaining Grants of Probate and Administration

– Advising on Estates where there is an inadequate Will

– Advising Trustees

– Establishing and amending Trusts

–  Advising about Trusts

–  Advising about the legal aspects of Superannuation and the consequences of death 

How we will work with you

Access: We will be readily available to you.

Personalised approach: Our approach is personalised to your needs and your issues.

Critical legal and practical information: You will receive high quality critical legal and practical information.

Strategy: Our strategy for your estate planning will be clear.
It will provide a pathway to resolving your issues.

Clear communications: We will communicate with you clearly.